Class Index - Fresco API



AbstractAdaptiveCountingMemoryCache<K, V> Layer of memory cache stack responsible for managing eviction of the the cached items. 
AbstractDataSource<T> An abstract implementation of DataSource interface. 
AbstractDataSource.DataSourceInstrumenter Allows to capture unit of works for instrumentation purposes. 
AbstractDraweeController<T, INFO> Abstract Drawee controller that implements common functionality regardless of the backend used to fetch the image. 
AbstractDraweeControllerBuilder<BUILDER extends AbstractDraweeControllerBuilder<BUILDER, REQUEST, IMAGE, INFO>, REQUEST, IMAGE, INFO> Base implementation for Drawee controller builders. 
AbstractProducerToDataSourceAdapter<T> DataSource backed by a Producer 
ActivityListener Listener interface for activity lifecycle events. 
ActivityListenerManager Registers ActivityListener with ActivityListener. 
AddImageTransformMetaDataProducer Add image transform meta data producer

Extracts meta data from the results passed down from the next producer, and adds it to the result that it returns to the consumer. 

AndroidPredicates Additional predicates. 
AnimatedDrawable2 Experimental new animated drawable that uses a supplied AnimationBackend for drawing frames. 
AnimatedDrawable2.DrawListener draw(Canvas) listener that is notified for each draw call. 
AnimatedDrawable2DebugDrawListener AnimatedDrawable2.DrawListener for debugging AnimatedDrawable2
AnimatedDrawable2ValueAnimatorHelper Helper class to create ValueAnimators for AnimatedDrawable2
AnimatedDrawableBackend Interface that AnimatedDrawable2 uses that abstracts out the image format. 
AnimatedDrawableBackendAnimationInformation AnimationInformation that wraps an AnimatedDrawableBackend
AnimatedDrawableBackendFrameRenderer BitmapFrameRenderer that wraps around an AnimatedDrawableBackend
AnimatedDrawableBackendImpl An AnimatedDrawableBackend that renders AnimatedImage
AnimatedDrawableBackendProvider Assisted provider for AnimatedDrawableBackend
AnimatedDrawableFrameInfo Info per frame returned by AnimatedDrawableBackend
AnimatedDrawableFrameInfo.BlendOperation Indicates how transparent pixels of the current frame are blended with those of the previous canvas. 
AnimatedDrawableFrameInfo.DisposalMethod How to dispose of the current frame before rendering the next frame. 
AnimatedDrawableOptions Options for creating AnimatedDrawable2
AnimatedDrawableOptionsBuilder Builder for AnimatedDrawableOptions
AnimatedDrawableUtil Utility methods for AnimatedDrawable. 
AnimatedDrawableValueAnimatorHelper Helper class to create ValueAnimators for animated drawables. 
AnimatedFactoryV2Impl AnimatedFactory for animations v2 that creates AnimatedDrawable2 drawables. 
AnimatedFrameCache Facade to the image memory cache for frames of an animated image. 
AnimatedImage Common interface for an animated image. 
AnimatedImageCompositor Contains the logic for compositing the frames of an AnimatedImage
AnimatedImageCompositor.Callback Callback for caching. 
AnimatedImageFactory Decoder for animated images. 
AnimatedImageFactoryImpl Decoder for animated images. 
AnimatedImageFrame Common interface for a frame of an animated image. 
AnimatedImageResult The result of decoding an animated image. 
AnimatedImageResultBuilder Builder for AnimatedImageResult
AnimationBackend Animation backend interface that is used to draw frames. 
AnimationBackendDelegate<T extends AnimationBackend> Animation backend delegate that forwards all calls to a given AnimationBackend  
AnimationBackendDelegateWithInactivityCheck<T extends AnimationBackend> Animation backend delegate for animation backends that implement AnimationBackendDelegateWithInactivityCheck.InactivityListener
AnimationInformation Basic animation metadata: Frame and loop count & duration  
AnimationListener Animation listener that can be used to get notified about AnimatedDrawable2 events. 
ArrayDrawable A Drawable that contains an array of other Drawables (layers). 
ArtBitmapFactory Bitmap factory for ART VM (Lollipop and up). 
ArtDecoder Bitmap decoder for ART VM (Lollipop and up). 
AshmemMemoryChunk Wrapper around chunk of ashmem memory. 
AshmemMemoryChunkPool Manages a pool of ashmem memory chunks (AshmemMemoryChunk)  
AspectRatioMeasure A utility class that performs measuring based on the desired aspect ratio. 
AspectRatioMeasure.Spec Holder for width and height measure specs. 
AttachDetachListener Attach detach listener. 
AutoRotateDrawable Drawable that automatically rotates underlying drawable. 
AwakeTimeSinceBootClock A clock that returns number of milliseconds since boot. 


BaseAnimationListener Base animation listener. 
BaseBitmapDataSubscriber Implementation of DataSubscriber for cases where the client wants access to a bitmap. 
BaseBitmapReferenceDataSubscriber Implementation of DataSubscriber for cases where the client wants access to a bitmap reference. 
BaseBooleanSubscriber Base implementation of DataSubscriber that ensures that the data source is closed when the subscriber has finished with it. 
BaseCacheEventListener No-op implementation of CacheEventListener so that listeners can extend and implement only the events they're interested in. 
BaseConsumer<T> Base implementation of Consumer that implements error handling conforming to the Consumer's contract. 
BaseControllerListener<INFO> Convenience class that has empty implementation of ControllerListener
BaseDataSubscriber<T> Base implementation of DataSubscriber that ensures that the data source is closed when the subscriber has finished with it. 
BaseListBitmapDataSubscriber Implementation of DataSubscriber for cases where the client wants to access a list of bitmaps. 
BaseNetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> Base class for NetworkFetcher
BasePool<V> A base pool class that manages a pool of values (of type V). 
BasePool.InvalidSizeException An exception to indicate that the requested size was invalid  
BasePool.InvalidValueException An exception to indicate if the 'value' is invalid. 
BasePool.PoolSizeViolationException Indicates that the pool size will exceed the hard cap if we allocated a value of size 'allocSize'  
BasePool.SizeTooLargeException A specific case of InvalidSizeException used to indicate that the requested size was too large  
BasePostprocessor Base implementation of Postprocessor interface. 
BaseProducerContext ProducerContext that can be cancelled. 
BaseProducerContextCallbacks Empty implementation of ProducerContextCallbacks
BetterImageSpan A better implementation of image spans that also supports centering images against the text. 
BitmapAnimationBackend Bitmap animation backend that renders bitmap frames. 
BitmapAnimationBackend.FrameType Frame type that has been drawn. 
BitmapCounter Counts bitmaps - keeps track of both, count and total size in bytes. 
BitmapCreator This is a utility class we use in order to allocate a Bitmap that will be wrapped later with a CloseableReference  
BitmapFrameCache Bitmap frame cache that is used for animated images. 
BitmapFramePreparationStrategy Frame preparation strategy to prepare next animation frames. 
BitmapFramePreparer Prepare frames for animated images ahead of time. 
BitmapFrameRenderer Bitmap frame renderer used by BitmapAnimationBackend to render animated images (e.g. 
BitmapMemoryCacheGetProducer Bitmap memory cache producer that is read-only. 
BitmapMemoryCacheKey Cache key for BitmapMemoryCache  
BitmapMemoryCacheKeyMultiplexProducer Multiplex producer that uses the bitmap memory cache key to combine requests. 
BitmapMemoryCacheProducer Memory cache producer for the bitmap memory cache. 
BitmapMemoryCacheTrimStrategy CountingMemoryCache eviction strategy appropriate for bitmap caches. 
BitmapPrepareProducer This producer issues to a call to prepareToDraw() to allow the RendererThread upload the bitmap to GPU asynchronously before it is used. 
BitmapProbeProducer Probe producer for brobing encoded memory and disk caches on bitmap memory cache hit requests. 
Bitmaps Utility methods for handling Bitmaps. 
BitmapTransformation In-place bitmap transformation. 
BitmapUtil This class contains utility method for Bitmap  
BlurPostProcessor A java implementation of a blur post processor. 
BranchOnSeparateImagesProducer Producer that coordinates fetching two separate images. 
BucketMap<T> Map-like datastructure that allows to have more than one value per int key. 
BucketsBitmapPool Manages a pool of bitmaps. 
BufferedDiskCache BufferedDiskCache provides get and put operations to take care of scheduling disk-cache read/writes. 
BufferMemoryChunk Wrapper around chunk using a direct ByteBuffer in native memory. 
BufferMemoryChunkPool Manages a pool of buffer memory chunks (BufferMemoryChunk)  
ByteArrayBinaryResource A trivial implementation of BinaryResource that wraps a byte array  
ByteArrayPool A pool of byte-arrays  
BytesRange A representation of the range of bytes requested or contained in a piece of content. 
ByteStreams Provides utility methods for working with byte arrays and I/O streams. 


CacheErrorLogger An interface for logging various cache errors. 
CacheErrorLogger.CacheErrorCategory A categorizaton of different cache and storage related errors. 
CacheEvent Interface to provide details of an individual cache event. 
CacheEventListener An interface for logging various cache events. 
CacheKey Strongly typed cache key to be used instead of Object. 
CacheKeyFactory Factory methods for creating cache keys for the pipeline. 
CallerContextVerifier Verifies CallerContext  
CallerThreadExecutor An executor service that runs each task in the thread that invokes execute/submit
Clock Interface for getting the current time. 
CloneableDrawable A drawable that is capable of cloning itself. 
CloseableAnimatedImage Encapsulates the data needed in order for AnimatedDrawable to render a AnimatedImage
CloseableBitmap CloseableImage that wraps a bitmap. 
CloseableImage A simple wrapper around an image that implements Closeable  
CloseableProducerToDataSourceAdapter<T> DataSource> backed by a Producer
CloseableReference<T> A smart pointer-like class for Java. 
CloseableReferenceLeakTracker Tracker for leaks that occur when a CloseableReference is not closed. 
Closeables Utility methods for working with Closeable objects. 
CloseableStaticBitmap CloseableImage that contains one Bitmap. 
ConstrainedExecutorService A java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService that delegates to an existing Executor but constrains the number of concurrently executing tasks to a pre-configured value. 
Consumer<T> Consumes data produced by Producer
Consumer.Status Status flag used by producers and consumers to supply additional information. 
ControllerListener<INFO> Interface for AbstractDraweeController listener. 
ControllerViewportVisibilityListener A listener for AbstractDraweeController that listens to events regarding visibility of the drawee in the viewport. 
CountingLruMap<K, V> Map that keeps track of the elements order (according to the LRU policy) and their size. 
CountingMemoryCache<K, V>  
CountingMemoryCache.Entry<K, V> The internal representation of a key-value pair stored by the cache. 
CountingMemoryCache.EntryStateObserver<K> Interface used to observe the state changes of an entry. 
CountingMemoryCacheInspector<K, V> Inspects values cached in bitmap memory cache. 
CountingMemoryCacheInspector.DumpInfo<K, V> Info about the status of the cache for use by dumpers. 
CountingMemoryCacheInspector.DumpInfoEntry<K, V> Cache entry info for use by dumpers. 
CountingOutputStream An OutputStream that counts the number of bytes written. 
CurrentThreadTimeClock A clock that returns milliseconds running in the current thread. 


DalvikPurgeableDecoder Base class for bitmap decodes for Dalvik VM (Gingerbread to KitKat). 
DataFetchProducer Producer for data URIs. 
DataSource<T> An alternative to Java Futures for the image pipeline. 
DataSources Static utility methods pertaining to the DataSource interface. 
DataSubscriber<T> Subscribes to DataSource
DebugControllerOverlayDrawable Drawee Controller overlay that displays debug information. 
DebuggingCacheKey Extension of SimpleCacheKey which adds the ability to hold a caller context. 
DebugImageTracker Image tracker that tracks additional information, such as the original URI. 
DecodeProducer Decodes images. 
DefaultBitmapFramePreparer Default bitmap frame preparer that uses the given ExecutorService to schedule jobs. 
DefaultBitmapMemoryCacheParamsSupplier Supplies MemoryCacheParams for the bitmap memory cache. 
DefaultBitmapPoolParams Provides pool parameters for BitmapPool  
DefaultByteArrayPoolParams Provides pool parameters (PoolParams) for common ByteArrayPool  
DefaultCacheKeyFactory Default implementation of CacheKeyFactory
DefaultDecoder Bitmap decoder for ART VM (Lollipop and up). 
DefaultDiskStorage The default disk storage implementation. 
DefaultDiskStorage.FileType Categories for the different internal files a ShardedDiskStorage maintains. 
DefaultEncodedMemoryCacheParamsSupplier Supplies MemoryCacheParams for the encoded image memory cache  
DefaultEntryEvictionComparatorSupplier Sorts entries by date of the last access, evicting old ones first  
DefaultExecutorSupplier Basic implementation of ExecutorSupplier
DefaultFlexByteArrayPoolParams Provides pool parameters (PoolParams) for SharedByteArray  
DefaultImageDecoder Decodes images. 
DefaultImageFormatChecker Default image format checker that is able to determine all DefaultImageFormats
DefaultImageFormats Default image formats that Fresco supports. 
DefaultNativeMemoryChunkPoolParams Provides pool parameters (PoolParams) for NativeMemoryChunkPool  
DefaultSerialExecutorService Default implementation of SerialExecutorService that wraps an existing Executor. 
DeferredReleaser Component that defers release until after the main Looper has completed its current message. 
DelayProducer A ScheduledExecutorService is a significant dependency and we do not want to require it. 
DelegatingAnimatedDrawableBackend A convenience base class that implements AnimatedDrawableBackend and delegates to another class. 
DelegatingConsumer<I, O> Delegating consumer. 
DiskCacheConfig Configuration class for a DiskStorageCache
DiskCacheReadProducer Disk cache read producer. 
DiskCacheWriteProducer Disk cache write producer. 
DiskStorage Storage for files in the cache. 
DiskStorage.Inserter This is a builder-like interface returned when calling insert. 
DiskStorageCache Cache that manages disk storage. 
DiskStorageCacheFactory Factory for the default implementation of the FileCache. 
DiskStorageFactory Represents a factory for the DiskStorage to use in the ImagePipeline. 
DiskTrimmable Any class that uses a lot of disk space and should implement this interface. 
DiskTrimmableRegistry A class which keeps a list of other classes to be notified of system disk events. 
DoNotStrip Add this annotation to a class, method, or field to instruct Proguard to not strip it out. 
DrawableFactory Drawable factory to create Drawables for given images. 
DrawableParent A drawable parent that has a single child. 
DrawableProperties Set of properties for drawable. 
DrawableUtils Helper class containing functionality commonly used by drawables. 
DrawableWithCaches A drawable can implement this interface to be notified when it might be convenient to drop its caches in order conserve memory. 
DraweeConfig Drawee configuration. 
DraweeController Interface that represents a Drawee controller used by a DraweeView. 
DraweeEventTracker This class keeps a record of internal events that take place in the Drawee. 
DraweeHierarchy Interface that represents a Drawee hierarchy. 
DraweeHolder<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> A holder class for Drawee controller and hierarchy. 
DraweeSpan Span that contains a Drawee. 
DraweeSpanStringBuilder DraweeSpanStringBuilder that can be used to add DraweeSpans to strings. 
DraweeTransition This Transition animates changes of GenericDraweeView between two ScaleTypes

In combination with ChangeBounds, DraweeTransition allows GenericDraweeViews that change size, shape, or ScalingUtils.ScaleType to animate contents smoothly. 

DraweeView<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> View that displays a DraweeHierarchy
DropFramesFrameScheduler Frame scheduler that maps time values to frames. 
DynamicDefaultDiskStorage A supplier of a DiskStorage concrete implementation. 
DynamicDefaultDiskStorageFactory Factory for the default implementation of the DiskStorage. 


EmptyJpegGenerator Producer that emits a dummy, fixed-size JPEG bytearray. 
EncodedCacheKeyMultiplexProducer Multiplex producer that uses the encoded cache key to combine requests. 
EncodedImage Class that contains all the information for an encoded image, both the image bytes (held on a byte buffer or a supplier of input streams) and the extracted meta data that is useful for image transforms. 
EncodedMemoryCacheProducer Memory cache producer for the encoded memory cache. 
EncodedProbeProducer Probe producer for brobing disk cache on encoded memory cache hit requests. 
EntryEvictionComparator Defines an order the items are being evicted from the cache. 
EntryEvictionComparatorSupplier Provides an instance of eviction comparator  
ExceptionWithNoStacktrace Instantiate an exception with an empty stacktrace. 
ExecutorSupplier Implementations of this interface are responsible for supplying the different executors used by different sections of the image pipeline. 
ExperimentalBitmapAnimationDrawableFactory Animation factory for AnimatedDrawable2


FadeDrawable A drawable that fades to the specific layer. 
FetchState Used by NetworkFetcher to encapsulate the state of one network fetch. 
FileCache Interface that caches based on disk should implement. 
FileCacheFactory Represents a factory for the FileCache to use in the ImagePipeline. 
Files Provides utility methods for working with files. 
FileTree Utility class to visit a file tree. 
FileTreeVisitor An instance of this interface must be passed to FileTree.walkFileTree method in order to execute some logic while iterating over the directory descendants. 
FileUtils Static operations on Files  
FileUtils.CreateDirectoryException Represents an exception during directory creation  
FileUtils.FileDeleteException Represents an exception when the target file/directory cannot be deleted  
FileUtils.ParentDirNotFoundException A specialization of FileNotFoundException when the parent-dir doesn't exist  
FileUtils.RenameException Represents an unknown rename exception  
FirstAvailableDataSourceSupplier<T> DataSource supplier that provides a data source which will forward results of the first available data source. 
FixedNumberBitmapFramePreparationStrategy Frame preparation strategy to prepare the next n frames  
FlexByteArrayPool A special byte-array pool designed to minimize allocations. 
FlipperImageTracker Fresco image tracker for Sonar  
FLog Logging wrapper with format style support. 
FLogDefaultLoggingDelegate Default implementation of LoggingDelegate
Fn<A, R>  
ForwardingControllerListener<INFO> Listener that forwards controller events to multiple listeners. 
ForwardingDrawable A forwarding drawable class - the goal is to forward (delegate) drawable functionality to an inner drawable instance. 
FrameScheduler Frame scheduler used to calculate which frame to display for given animation times. 
Fresco Fresco entry point. 
FrescoFrameCache Bitmap frame cache that uses Fresco's AnimatedFrameCache to cache frames. 
FrescoInstrumenter Utility class that provides hooks to capture execution of different units of work. 
FrescoInstrumenter.Instrumenter Allows to capture unit of works across different threads. 
FrescoSystrace This is intended as a hook into android.os.Trace, but allows you to provide your own functionality. 
FrescoSystrace.ArgsBuilder Object that accumulates arguments. 


GenericByteArrayPool A pool of byte arrays. 
GenericDraweeHierarchy A SettableDraweeHierarchy that displays placeholder image until the actual image is set. 
GenericDraweeHierarchyBuilder Class to construct a GenericDraweeHierarchy
GenericDraweeHierarchyInflater Inflater for the GenericDraweeHierarchy
GenericDraweeView DraweeView that uses GenericDraweeHierarchy. 
GestureDetector Gesture detector based on touch events. 
GestureDetector.ClickListener Interface for the click listener. 
GifDecoder A simple Gif decoder that uses Android's Movie class to decode Gif images. 
GifFrame A single frame of a GifImage
GifImage A representation of a GIF image. 
GingerbreadBitmapFactory Bitmap factory for Gingerbread. 
GingerbreadPurgeableDecoder Bitmap decoder (Gingerbread to Jelly Bean). 


HandlerExecutorService An ExecutorService that is backed by a handler. 
HandlerExecutorServiceImpl A HandlerExecutorService implementation. 
HasBitmap Marker interface for closeable references containing a bitmap  
HashCodeUtil Provides implementation of hashCode for compound objects. 
HeifExifUtil Specialization of EXIF utilities for HEIF files. 
Hex Basic hex operations: from byte array to string and vice versa. 
HoneycombBitmapCreator This is the implementation of the BitmapCreator for the Honeycomb  
HoneycombBitmapFactory Factory implementation for Honeycomb through Kitkat  
HttpUrlConnectionNetworkFetcher Network fetcher that uses the simplest Android stack. 


ImageCacheStatsTracker Interface for stats tracking for the image cache. 
ImageDecodeOptions Options for changing the behavior of the ImageDecoder
ImageDecodeOptionsBuilder<T extends ImageDecodeOptionsBuilder> Builder for ImageDecodeOptions
ImageDecoder Image decoder interface. 
ImageDecoderConfig Configuration for ImageDecoder
ImageFormat Class representing all used image formats. 
ImageFormatChecker Detects the format of an encoded image. 
ImageFormatCheckerUtils ImageFormatChecker utility methods  
ImageInfo Interface containing information about an image. 
ImageLoadingTimeControllerListener Currently we are measuring this from Submit to Final Image.But can be extended to include intermediate time and failure cases also  
ImageLoadingTimeListener Implement this interface to notify UI that the final Image has been set. 
ImageMetaData Wrapper class representing the recovered meta data of an image when decoding. 
ImageOrigin Image origin that indicates whether an image has been loaded from cache, network or other source. 
ImageOriginListener Listener that can be attached to a PipelineDraweeController to observe the image origin (cache, disk, network, ...) for a given controller. 
ImageOriginRequestListener Image origin request listener that maps all image requests for a given Drawee controller to an ImageOrigin and corresponding ImageOriginListener
ImagePipeline The entry point for the image pipeline. 
ImagePipelineConfig Main configuration class for the image pipeline library. 
ImagePipelineConfig.DefaultImageRequestConfig Contains default configuration that can be personalized for all the request  
ImagePipelineExperiments Encapsulates additional elements of the ImagePipelineConfig which are currently in an experimental state. 
ImagePipelineFactory Factory class for the image pipeline. 
ImagePipelineNativeLoader Single place responsible for loading and its dependencies. 
ImageRequest Immutable object encapsulating everything pipeline has to know about requested image to proceed. 
ImageRequest.CacheChoice An enum describing the cache choice. 
ImageRequest.RequestLevel Level down to we are willing to go in order to find an image. 
ImageRequestBuilder Builder class for ImageRequests. 
ImageRequestBuilder.BuilderException An exception class for builder methods. 
ImageTranscoder The abstraction for an image transcoder  
ImageTranscodeResult Result returned by an ImageTranscoder when transcoding an image. 
ImageTranscoderType Image transcoder type that indicates which kind of image transcoder implementation will be used. 
ImmutableList<E> A dummy representation of an immutable set. 
ImmutableMap<K, V> Utility class to create immutable maps. 
ImmutableQualityInfo Implementation of QualityInfo  
ImmutableSet<E> A dummy representation of an immutable set. 
IncreasingQualityDataSourceSupplier<T> DataSource supplier that provides a data source which forwards results of the underlying data sources with the increasing quality. 
InPlaceRoundFilter Modified midpoint circle algorithm. 
InstrumentedDrawable Used to log image params at draw-time. 
InstrumentedMemoryCache<K, V>  
Ints Static utility methods pertaining to int primitives, that are not already found in either Integer or Arrays. 
IterativeBoxBlurPostProcessor A fast and memory-efficient post processor performing an iterative box blur. 


JfifUtil Util for obtaining information from JPEG file. 
JobScheduler Manages jobs so that only one can be executed at a time and no more often than once in mMinimumJobIntervalMs milliseconds. 


KeepLastFrameCache Simple bitmap cache that keeps the last frame and reuses it if possible. 
KitKatPurgeableDecoder Bitmap Decoder implementation for KitKat

The MemoryFile trick used in GingerbreadPurgeableDecoder does not work in KitKat. 


LimitedInputStream Reads the wrapped InputStream only until a specified number of bytes, the 'limit' is reached. 
ListDataSource<T> Data source that wraps number of other data sources and waits until all of them are finished. 
ListenableActivity Interface for activities that support dynamic addition of ActivityListeners  
LocalAssetFetchProducer Executes a local fetch from an asset. 
LocalContentUriFetchProducer Represents a local content Uri fetch producer. 
LocalContentUriThumbnailFetchProducer Represents a local content Uri fetch producer. 
LocalExifThumbnailProducer A producer that retrieves exif thumbnails. 
LocalFetchProducer Represents a local fetch producer. 
LocalFileFetchProducer Represents a local file fetch producer. 
LocalResourceFetchProducer Executes a local fetch from a resource. 
LocalVideoThumbnailProducer A producer that creates video thumbnails. 
LoggingDelegate Logging interface  
LruBucketsPoolBackend<T> Relies on BucketMap to implement pooling Items from the bucket with LRU key will be removed first 
LruCountingMemoryCache<K, V> Layer of memory cache stack responsible for managing eviction of the the cached items. 
LruMap<A, B> A map that provides a constant-size LRU map by ordering elements by accessing order (and not in insertion order) Most cases would be served better by using Android's LruCache class. 


MatrixDrawable Drawable that can adjust underlying drawable based on specified Matrix. 
MediaUtils Utility class. 
MemoryCache<K, V> Interface for the image pipeline memory cache. 
MemoryCache.CacheTrimStrategy Interface used to specify the trimming strategy for the cache. 
MemoryCacheParams Configuration for a memory cache. 
MemoryChunkPool Manages a pool of memory chunks (MemoryChunk)  
MemoryChunkType Memory type that indicates which kind of memory implementation will be used. 
MemoryPooledByteBuffer An implementation of PooledByteBuffer that uses (MemoryChunk) to store data  
MemoryPooledByteBufferFactory A factory to provide instances of MemoryPooledByteBuffer and MemoryPooledByteBufferOutputStream  
MemoryPooledByteBufferOutputStream An implementation of PooledByteBufferOutputStream that produces a MemoryPooledByteBuffer  
MemoryPooledByteBufferOutputStream.InvalidStreamException An exception indicating that this stream is no longer valid  
MemoryTrimmable A class can implement this interface to react to a MemoryTrimmableRegistry's request to trim memory. 
MemoryTrimmableRegistry A class which keeps a list of other classes to be notified of system memory events. 
MemoryTrimType Types of memory trim. 
MimeTypeMapWrapper Wrapper around the system's MimeTypeMap that also handles types it doesn't support. 
MonotonicClock A clock that is guaranteed not to go backward. 
MonotonicNanoClock A clock that is guaranteed not to go backward. 
MovieAnimatedImage Simple wrapper for an animated image backed by Movie. 
MovieDrawer Pronounced Draw-er Draws frames of a Movie to a bitmap. 
MovieFrame Simple wrapper for an animated image frame back by MovieDrawer
MultiCacheKey A cache key that wraps multiple cache keys. 
MultiDraweeHolder<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> Contains multiple Drawee holders. 
MultiImageTranscoderFactory Class responsible of returning the correct ImageTranscoder given the ImageFormat
MultiplexProducer<K, T extends Closeable> Producer for combining multiple identical requests into a single request. 
MultiUri Data class to enable using functionality of IncreasingQualityDataSourceSupplier and/or FirstAvailableDataSourceSupplier with Vito  


NativeBlurFilter A fast native blur filter. 
NativeCodeInitializer Delegate to properly set and initialize NativeLoader and SoLoader. 
NativeCodeSetup Setter and getter for option about using native code. 
NativeFiltersLoader Single place responsible for loading and its dependencies. 
NativeImageTranscoderFactory Returns the native ImageTranscoderFactory if it is instantiable via reflection  
NativeJpegTranscoder Transcoder for jpeg images, using native code and libjpeg-turbo library. 
NativeJpegTranscoderSoLoader Single place responsible for ensuring that is loaded  
NativeMemoryCacheTrimStrategy CountingMemoryCache eviction strategy appropriate for caches that store resources off the Dalvik heap. 
NativeMemoryChunk Wrapper around chunk of native memory. 
NativeMemoryChunkPool Manages a pool of native memory chunks (NativeMemoryChunk)  
NativeRoundingFilter A fast native rounding filter. 
NetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> Interface that specifies network fetcher used by the image pipeline. 
NetworkFetcher.Callback Callback used to inform the network fetch producer. 
NetworkFetchProducer A producer to actually fetch images from the network. 
NoOpCache No-op bitmap cache that doesn't do anything. 
NoOpCacheErrorLogger An implementation of CacheErrorLogger that doesn't do anything. 
NoOpCacheEventListener Implementation of CacheEventListener that doesn't do anything. 
NoOpDebugImageTracker No-op debug image tracker. 
NoOpDiskTrimmableRegistry Implementation of DiskTrimmableRegistry that does not do anything. 
NoOpImageCacheStatsTracker Class that does no stats tracking at all  
NoOpMemoryTrimmableRegistry Implementation of MemoryTrimmableRegistry that does not do anything. 
NoOpPoolStatsTracker Empty implementation of PoolStatsTracker that does not perform any tracking. 
NullProducer<T> Producer that never produces anything, but just returns null. 


Objects Helper functions that operate on any Object, and are not already provided in java.util.Objects. 
Objects.ToStringHelper Support class for toStringHelper(Class)
OkHttpImagePipelineConfigFactory Factory for getting an ImagePipelineConfig that uses OkHttpNetworkFetcher
OkHttpNetworkFetcher Network fetcher that uses OkHttp 3 as a backend. 
OOMSoftReference<T> To eliminate the possibility of some of our objects causing an OutOfMemoryError when they are not used, we reference them via SoftReferences. 
OreoDecoder Bitmap decoder for ART VM (Android O and up). 
OrientedDrawable Drawable that automatically rotates the underlying drawable with a pivot in the center of the drawable bounds based on a rotation angle. 


PartialDiskCacheProducer Partial disk cache producer. 
PipelineDraweeController Drawee controller that bridges the image pipeline with SettableDraweeHierarchy
PipelineDraweeControllerBuilder Concrete implementation of ImagePipeline Drawee controller builder. 
PipelineDraweeControllerFactory Default implementation of PipelineDraweeControllerFactory
PlatformBitmapFactory Bitmap factory optimized for the platform. 
Pool<V> Manages a pool of reusable values of type V. 
PoolConfig Configuration class for pools. 
PooledByteArrayBufferedInputStream InputStream that wraps another input stream and buffers all reads. 
PooledByteBuffer A 'pooled' byte-buffer abstraction. 
PooledByteBuffer.ClosedException Exception indicating that the PooledByteBuffer is closed  
PooledByteBufferFactory A factory to create instances of PooledByteBuffer and PooledByteBufferOutputStream  
PooledByteBufferInputStream An InputStream implementation over a PooledByteBuffer instance  
PooledByteBufferOutputStream An OutputStream that produces a PooledByteBuffer. 
PooledByteStreams Helper class for interacting with java streams, similar to guava's ByteSteams. 
PoolFactory Factory class for pools. 
PoolParams Config parameters for pools (BasePool
PoolStatsTracker Listener that logs pool statistics. 
PostprocessedBitmapMemoryCacheProducer Memory cache producer for the bitmap memory cache. 
Postprocessor Use an instance of this class to perform post-process operations on a bitmap. 
PostprocessorProducer Runs a caller-supplied post-processor object. 
Preconditions Static convenience methods that help a method or constructor check whether it was invoked correctly (whether its preconditions have been met). 
Priority Priority levels recognized by the image pipeline. 
PriorityNetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> PriorityNetworkFetcher fetches images using a priority queue. 
PriorityNetworkFetcher.NonrecoverableException The delegate fetcher may pass an instance of this exception to its callback's onFailure to signal to a PriorityNetworkFetcher that it shouldn't retry that request. 
PriorityNetworkFetcher.PriorityFetchState<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState>  
PriorityStarvingThrottlingProducer<T> Time based, priority starving throttling producer. 
PriorityThreadFactory ThreadFactory that applies a priority to the threads it creates. 
Producer<T> Building block for image processing in the image pipeline. 
ProducerContext Used to pass context information to producers. 
ProducerContextCallbacks Callbacks that are called when something changes in a request sequence. 
ProducerListener Instrumentation for Producers. 
ProducerListener2 Instrumentation for Producers. 
ProducerToDataSourceAdapter<T> DataSource backed by a Producer 
ProgressBarDrawable Drawable that displays a progress bar based on the level. 
ProgressiveJpegConfig Progressive JPEG config. 
ProgressiveJpegParser Progressively scans jpeg data and instructs caller when enough data is available to decode a partial image. 


QualifiedResourceFetchProducer The QualifiedResourceFetchProducer uses the ContentResolver to allow fetching resources that might not be part of the application's package. 
QualityInfo Interface for image quality information  


RawRequest A Volley request that will return the raw content as a byte array and does not use Volley's cache. 
RealtimeSinceBootClock A clock that returns number of milliseconds since boot. 
RemoveImageTransformMetaDataProducer Remove image transform meta data producer

Remove the ImageTransformMetaData object from the results passed down from the next producer, and adds it to the result that it returns to the consumer. 

RepeatedPostprocessor Use an instance of this interface to perform post-process operations that must be performed more than once. 
RepeatedPostprocessorRunner An instance of this class is used to run a postprocessor whenever the client requires. 
RequestListener Listener for ImageRequest
RequestListener2 Listener for ImageRequest with access to the full ProducerContext
RequestLoggingListener Logging for ImageRequests. 
ResizeAndRotateProducer Resizes and rotates images according to the EXIF orientation data or a specified rotation angle. 
ResizeOptions Options for resizing. 
ResourceReleaser<T> Interface that abstracts the action of releasing a resource. 
RetryManager Manages retries for an image. 
RootDrawable The root drawable of a DraweeHierarchy. 
RotationOptions Options for rotation. 
RoundAsCirclePostprocessor Postprocessor that rounds a given image as a circle. 
Rounded Interface for Drawables that round corners or form a circle. 
RoundedCornersDrawable Drawable that draws underlying drawable with rounded corners. 
RoundingParams Class that encapsulates rounding parameters. 
RoundPostprocessor Postprocessor that rounds a given image as a circle using non-native code. 


ScaleTypeDrawable Drawable that can scale underlying drawable based on specified ScalingUtils.ScaleType options. 
ScalingUtils Performs scale type calculations. 
ScalingUtils.AbstractScaleType A convenience base class that has some common logic. 
ScalingUtils.InterpolatingScaleType Scale type that interpolates transform of the two underlying scale types. 
ScalingUtils.ScaleType Options for scaling the child bounds to the parent bounds. 
ScalingUtils.StatefulScaleType Scaletypes that have some internal state and are not static. 
ScheduledFutureImpl<V> A ScheduledFuture for HandlerExecutorServiceImpl
ScoreBasedEvictionComparatorSupplier Evicts cache items based on a mix of their size and timestamp. 
SecureHashUtil Static methods for secure hashing. 
SerialExecutorService The interface of the executors that execute tasks serially. 
Sets Static utility methods pertaining to Set instances. 
SettableCacheEvent Implementation of CacheEvent that allows the values to be set and supports recycling of instances. 
SettableDataSource<T> A DataSource whose result may be set by a #set(CloseableReference) or setException(Throwable) call. 
SettableDraweeHierarchy Interface that represents a settable Drawee hierarchy. 
SettableProducerContext ProducerContext that allows the client to change its internal state. 
SharedByteArray Maintains a shareable reference to a byte array. 
SharedReference<T> A shared-reference class somewhat similar to c++ shared_ptr. 
SharedReference.NullReferenceException The moral equivalent of NullPointerException for SharedReference. 
SimpleBitmapReleaser A releaser that just recycles (frees) bitmap memory immediately. 
SimpleCacheKey CacheKey implementation that is a simple wrapper around a String object. 
SimpleDataSource<T> Settable DataSource
SimpleDraweeControllerBuilder Interface for simple Drawee controller builders. 
SimpleDraweeSpanTextView DraweeSpan text view that can be used to bind to a DraweeSpanStringBuilder to display images within text strings. 
SimpleDraweeView This view takes a uri as input and internally builds and sets a controller. 
SimpleImageTranscoder Image transcoder using only the Android API. 
SimpleImageTranscoderFactory Factory class to create an SimpleImageTranscoder  
SimpleProgressiveJpegConfig Simple ProgressiveJpegConfig with predefined scans to decode and good-enough scan number. 
SourceUriType This is the interface we use in order to define different types of Uri an ImageRequest can have. 
StagingArea This is class encapsulates Map that maps ImageCacheKeys to EncodedImages pointing to PooledByteBuffers. 
StatefulProducerRunnable<T> StatefulRunnable intended to be used by producers. 
StatefulRunnable<T> Abstraction for computation. 
StatFsHelper Helper class that periodically checks the amount of free space available. 
StaticWebpNativeLoader Single place responsible for ensuring that `` is loaded  
StreamUtil Utility method for dealing with Streams. 
Supplier<T> A class that can supply objects of a single type. 
Suppliers Wrapper for creating a Supplier and default Suppliers for convenience. 
SwallowResultProducer<T> Swallow result producer. 
SystemClock Implementation of Clock that delegates to the system clock. 


TailAppendingInputStream InputStream that returns all bytes from another stream, then appends the specified 'tail' bytes. 
ThreadHandoffProducer<T> Uses ExecutorService to move further computation to different thread  
ThrottlingProducer<T> Only permits a configurable number of requests to be kicked off simultaneously. 
Throwables Static utility methods pertaining to instances of Throwable. 
ThumbnailBranchProducer Producer that will attempt to retrieve a thumbnail from one or more producers. 
ThumbnailProducer<T> Implemented producers can be queried for whether they are likely to be able to produce a result of the desired size. 
ThumbnailSizeChecker Utility class to consistently check whether a given thumbnail size will be sufficient for a given request with ResizeOptions
TooManyBitmapsException Thrown if a bitmap pool cap or other limit on the number of bitmaps is exceeded. 
TranscodeStatus Status used by ImageTranscodeResult to supply additional information. 
TransformAwareDrawable Interface that enables setting a transform callback. 
TransformCallback Callback that is used to pass any transformation matrix and the root bounds from a parent drawable to its child. 
TriState Generic tri-state enum for boolean values that can also be unset. 


UiThreadImmediateExecutorService An ExecutorService that is backed by the application's main looper. 


ValueDescriptor<V> Interface used to get the information about the values. 
VisibilityAwareDrawable Interface that enables setting a visibility callback. 
VisibilityCallback Callback used to notify about drawable's visibility changes. 
VolleyImagePipelineConfigFactory Factory for getting a ImagePipelineConfig that uses VolleyNetworkFetcher
VolleyNetworkFetcher Network fetcher that uses Volley as its backend. 


WebpAnimationBackend Animation backend that is used to draw webp frames. 
WebpBitmapFactory Interface for a bitmap factory that can decode WebP images even on versions of Android that don't support it. 
WebpBitmapFactory.WebpErrorLogger We listen to events in Webp direct decoding  
WebPFrame A single frame of a WebPImage
WebPImage A representation of a WebP image. 
WebpTranscodeProducer Transcodes WebP to JPEG / PNG. 
WebpTranscoder The abstraction for WebpTranscoder  
WebpTranscoderFactory This is the class responsible to return the WebpTranscoder if any  
WebpTranscoderImpl Helper methods for modifying webp static images. 
WebpUtil This class contains utility method in order to manage the WebP format metadata  
WrappingUtils A class that contains helper methods for wrapping and rounding. 
WriterCallback Callback that writes to an OutputStream. 
WriterCallbacks Utility class to create typical WriterCallbacks. 


XferRoundFilter Not-in-place rounding image algorithm using Canvas that requires an Android version >= 3.1.