public class


extends Drawable
implements ImageLoadingTimeListener
     ↳ com.facebook.drawee.debug.DebugControllerOverlayDrawable

Class Overview

Drawee Controller overlay that displays debug information.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
void draw(Canvas canvas)
int getOpacity()
void onFinalImageSet(long finalImageTimeMs)
void reset()
void setAlpha(int alpha)
void setAnimationInfo(int frameCount, int loopCount)
void setColorFilter(ColorFilter cf)
void setControllerId(String controllerId)
void setDimensions(int widthPx, int heightPx)
void setFinalImageTimeMs(long finalImageTimeMs)
void setImageFormat(String imageFormat)
void setImageId(String imageId)
void setImageSize(int imageSizeBytes)
void setOrigin(String s)
void setScaleType(ScalingUtils.ScaleType scaleType)
void setTextGravity(int textGravity)
The text gravity / direction for the debug text.
Protected Methods
void onBoundsChange(Rect bounds)
Inherited Methods
From class
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.facebook.drawee.debug.listener.ImageLoadingTimeListener

Public Constructors

public DebugControllerOverlayDrawable ()

Public Methods

public void draw (Canvas canvas)

public int getOpacity ()

public void onFinalImageSet (long finalImageTimeMs)

public void reset ()

public void setAlpha (int alpha)

public void setAnimationInfo (int frameCount, int loopCount)

public void setColorFilter (ColorFilter cf)

public void setControllerId (String controllerId)

public void setDimensions (int widthPx, int heightPx)

public void setFinalImageTimeMs (long finalImageTimeMs)

public void setImageFormat (String imageFormat)

public void setImageId (String imageId)

public void setImageSize (int imageSizeBytes)

imageSizeBytes the image size in bytes

public void setOrigin (String s)

public void setScaleType (ScalingUtils.ScaleType scaleType)

public void setTextGravity (int textGravity)

The text gravity / direction for the debug text. Currently supported: BOTTOM and TOP. If bottom is used, the text lines will also be drawn from bottom to top. Default: bottom

textGravity the text gravity to use

Protected Methods

protected void onBoundsChange (Rect bounds)