Base classes and abstractions for the animation framework.


AnimatedDrawableBackend Interface that AnimatedDrawable2 uses that abstracts out the image format. 
AnimatedImage Common interface for an animated image. 
AnimatedImageFrame Common interface for a frame of an animated image. 


AnimatedDrawableFrameInfo Info per frame returned by AnimatedDrawableBackend
AnimatedDrawableOptions Options for creating AnimatedDrawable2
AnimatedDrawableOptionsBuilder Builder for AnimatedDrawableOptions
AnimatedImageResult The result of decoding an animated image. 
AnimatedImageResultBuilder Builder for AnimatedImageResult
DelegatingAnimatedDrawableBackend A convenience base class that implements AnimatedDrawableBackend and delegates to another class. 


AnimatedDrawableFrameInfo.BlendOperation Indicates how transparent pixels of the current frame are blended with those of the previous canvas. 
AnimatedDrawableFrameInfo.DisposalMethod How to dispose of the current frame before rendering the next frame.