Memory cache implementations for image pipeline.


CacheKeyFactory Factory methods for creating cache keys for the pipeline. 
CountingMemoryCache<K, V>  
CountingMemoryCache.EntryStateObserver<K> Interface used to observe the state changes of an entry. 
ImageCacheStatsTracker Interface for stats tracking for the image cache. 
MemoryCache<K, V> Interface for the image pipeline memory cache. 
MemoryCache.CacheTrimStrategy Interface used to specify the trimming strategy for the cache. 
ValueDescriptor<V> Interface used to get the information about the values. 


AbstractAdaptiveCountingMemoryCache<K, V> Layer of memory cache stack responsible for managing eviction of the the cached items. 
BitmapMemoryCacheKey Cache key for BitmapMemoryCache  
BitmapMemoryCacheTrimStrategy CountingMemoryCache eviction strategy appropriate for bitmap caches. 
BufferedDiskCache BufferedDiskCache provides get and put operations to take care of scheduling disk-cache read/writes. 
CountingLruMap<K, V> Map that keeps track of the elements order (according to the LRU policy) and their size. 
CountingMemoryCache.Entry<K, V> The internal representation of a key-value pair stored by the cache. 
CountingMemoryCacheInspector<K, V> Inspects values cached in bitmap memory cache. 
CountingMemoryCacheInspector.DumpInfo<K, V> Info about the status of the cache for use by dumpers. 
CountingMemoryCacheInspector.DumpInfoEntry<K, V> Cache entry info for use by dumpers. 
DefaultBitmapMemoryCacheParamsSupplier Supplies MemoryCacheParams for the bitmap memory cache. 
DefaultCacheKeyFactory Default implementation of CacheKeyFactory
DefaultEncodedMemoryCacheParamsSupplier Supplies MemoryCacheParams for the encoded image memory cache  
InstrumentedMemoryCache<K, V>  
LruCountingMemoryCache<K, V> Layer of memory cache stack responsible for managing eviction of the the cached items. 
MemoryCacheParams Configuration for a memory cache. 
NativeMemoryCacheTrimStrategy CountingMemoryCache eviction strategy appropriate for caches that store resources off the Dalvik heap. 
NoOpImageCacheStatsTracker Class that does no stats tracking at all  
StagingArea This is class encapsulates Map that maps ImageCacheKeys to EncodedImages pointing to PooledByteBuffers.