public class


extends AbstractExecutorService
   ↳ java.util.concurrent.AbstractExecutorService
     ↳ com.facebook.common.executors.CallerThreadExecutor

Class Overview

An executor service that runs each task in the thread that invokes execute/submit.

This applies both to individually submitted tasks and to collections of tasks submitted via invokeAll or invokeAny. In the latter case, tasks will run serially on the calling thread. Tasks are run to completion before a Future is returned to the caller.

The implementation deviates from the ExecutorService specification with regards to the shutdownNow and awaitTermination methods. 1. A call to shutdown or shutdownNow is a no-op. A call to isTerminated always returns false. 2. A call to awaitTermination always returns true immediately. True is returned in order to avoid potential infinite loop in the clients. 3. "best-effort" with regards to canceling running tasks is implemented as "no-effort". No interrupts or other attempts are made to stop threads executing tasks. 4. The returned list will always be empty, as any submitted task is considered to have started execution. This applies also to tasks given to invokeAll or invokeAny which are pending serial execution, including the tasks that have not yet started execution.


Public Methods
boolean awaitTermination(long timeout, TimeUnit unit)
void execute(Runnable command)
static CallerThreadExecutor getInstance()
boolean isShutdown()
boolean isTerminated()
void shutdown()
List<Runnable> shutdownNow()
Inherited Methods
From class java.util.concurrent.AbstractExecutorService
From class java.lang.Object
From interface java.util.concurrent.Executor
From interface java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService

Public Methods

public boolean awaitTermination (long timeout, TimeUnit unit)


public void execute (Runnable command)

public static CallerThreadExecutor getInstance ()

public boolean isShutdown ()

public boolean isTerminated ()

public void shutdown ()

public List<Runnable> shutdownNow ()