Abstraction and classes related to cache management: cache key implementation, event listeners, debug utilities and others.


CacheErrorLogger An interface for logging various cache errors. 
CacheEvent Interface to provide details of an individual cache event. 
CacheEventListener An interface for logging various cache events. 
CacheKey Strongly typed cache key to be used instead of Object. 
WriterCallback Callback that writes to an OutputStream. 


BaseCacheEventListener No-op implementation of CacheEventListener so that listeners can extend and implement only the events they're interested in. 
DebuggingCacheKey Extension of SimpleCacheKey which adds the ability to hold a caller context. 
MultiCacheKey A cache key that wraps multiple cache keys. 
NoOpCacheErrorLogger An implementation of CacheErrorLogger that doesn't do anything. 
NoOpCacheEventListener Implementation of CacheEventListener that doesn't do anything. 
SimpleCacheKey CacheKey implementation that is a simple wrapper around a String object. 
WriterCallbacks Utility class to create typical WriterCallbacks. 


CacheErrorLogger.CacheErrorCategory A categorizaton of different cache and storage related errors.