All the Producer implementation which compose the image pipeline.


Consumer<T> Consumes data produced by Producer
NetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> Interface that specifies network fetcher used by the image pipeline. 
NetworkFetcher.Callback Callback used to inform the network fetch producer. 
Producer<T> Building block for image processing in the image pipeline. 
ProducerContext Used to pass context information to producers. 
ProducerContextCallbacks Callbacks that are called when something changes in a request sequence. 
ProducerListener Instrumentation for Producers. 
ProducerListener2 Instrumentation for Producers. 
ThumbnailProducer<T> Implemented producers can be queried for whether they are likely to be able to produce a result of the desired size. 


AddImageTransformMetaDataProducer Add image transform meta data producer

Extracts meta data from the results passed down from the next producer, and adds it to the result that it returns to the consumer. 

BaseConsumer<T> Base implementation of Consumer that implements error handling conforming to the Consumer's contract. 
BaseNetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> Base class for NetworkFetcher
BaseProducerContext ProducerContext that can be cancelled. 
BaseProducerContextCallbacks Empty implementation of ProducerContextCallbacks
BitmapMemoryCacheGetProducer Bitmap memory cache producer that is read-only. 
BitmapMemoryCacheKeyMultiplexProducer Multiplex producer that uses the bitmap memory cache key to combine requests. 
BitmapMemoryCacheProducer Memory cache producer for the bitmap memory cache. 
BitmapPrepareProducer This producer issues to a call to prepareToDraw() to allow the RendererThread upload the bitmap to GPU asynchronously before it is used. 
BitmapProbeProducer Probe producer for brobing encoded memory and disk caches on bitmap memory cache hit requests. 
BranchOnSeparateImagesProducer Producer that coordinates fetching two separate images. 
DataFetchProducer Producer for data URIs. 
DecodeProducer Decodes images. 
DelayProducer A ScheduledExecutorService is a significant dependency and we do not want to require it. 
DelegatingConsumer<I, O> Delegating consumer. 
DiskCacheReadProducer Disk cache read producer. 
DiskCacheWriteProducer Disk cache write producer. 
EncodedCacheKeyMultiplexProducer Multiplex producer that uses the encoded cache key to combine requests. 
EncodedMemoryCacheProducer Memory cache producer for the encoded memory cache. 
EncodedProbeProducer Probe producer for brobing disk cache on encoded memory cache hit requests. 
FetchState Used by NetworkFetcher to encapsulate the state of one network fetch. 
HttpUrlConnectionNetworkFetcher Network fetcher that uses the simplest Android stack. 
JobScheduler Manages jobs so that only one can be executed at a time and no more often than once in mMinimumJobIntervalMs milliseconds. 
LocalAssetFetchProducer Executes a local fetch from an asset. 
LocalContentUriFetchProducer Represents a local content Uri fetch producer. 
LocalContentUriThumbnailFetchProducer Represents a local content Uri fetch producer. 
LocalExifThumbnailProducer A producer that retrieves exif thumbnails. 
LocalFetchProducer Represents a local fetch producer. 
LocalFileFetchProducer Represents a local file fetch producer. 
LocalResourceFetchProducer Executes a local fetch from a resource. 
LocalVideoThumbnailProducer A producer that creates video thumbnails. 
MultiplexProducer<K, T extends Closeable> Producer for combining multiple identical requests into a single request. 
NetworkFetchProducer A producer to actually fetch images from the network. 
NullProducer<T> Producer that never produces anything, but just returns null. 
PartialDiskCacheProducer Partial disk cache producer. 
PostprocessedBitmapMemoryCacheProducer Memory cache producer for the bitmap memory cache. 
PostprocessorProducer Runs a caller-supplied post-processor object. 
PriorityNetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> PriorityNetworkFetcher fetches images using a priority queue. 
PriorityNetworkFetcher.NonrecoverableException The delegate fetcher may pass an instance of this exception to its callback's onFailure to signal to a PriorityNetworkFetcher that it shouldn't retry that request. 
PriorityNetworkFetcher.PriorityFetchState<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState>  
PriorityStarvingThrottlingProducer<T> Time based, priority starving throttling producer. 
QualifiedResourceFetchProducer The QualifiedResourceFetchProducer uses the ContentResolver to allow fetching resources that might not be part of the application's package. 
RemoveImageTransformMetaDataProducer Remove image transform meta data producer

Remove the ImageTransformMetaData object from the results passed down from the next producer, and adds it to the result that it returns to the consumer. 

ResizeAndRotateProducer Resizes and rotates images according to the EXIF orientation data or a specified rotation angle. 
SettableProducerContext ProducerContext that allows the client to change its internal state. 
StatefulProducerRunnable<T> StatefulRunnable intended to be used by producers. 
SwallowResultProducer<T> Swallow result producer. 
ThreadHandoffProducer<T> Uses ExecutorService to move further computation to different thread  
ThrottlingProducer<T> Only permits a configurable number of requests to be kicked off simultaneously. 
ThumbnailBranchProducer Producer that will attempt to retrieve a thumbnail from one or more producers. 
ThumbnailSizeChecker Utility class to consistently check whether a given thumbnail size will be sufficient for a given request with ResizeOptions
WebpTranscodeProducer Transcodes WebP to JPEG / PNG.