Drawable implementations used by Drawee through a DraweeHierarchy.


CloneableDrawable A drawable that is capable of cloning itself. 
DrawableParent A drawable parent that has a single child. 
Rounded Interface for Drawables that round corners or form a circle. 
ScalingUtils.ScaleType Options for scaling the child bounds to the parent bounds. 
ScalingUtils.StatefulScaleType Scaletypes that have some internal state and are not static. 
TransformAwareDrawable Interface that enables setting a transform callback. 
TransformCallback Callback that is used to pass any transformation matrix and the root bounds from a parent drawable to its child. 
VisibilityAwareDrawable Interface that enables setting a visibility callback. 
VisibilityCallback Callback used to notify about drawable's visibility changes. 


ArrayDrawable A Drawable that contains an array of other Drawables (layers). 
AutoRotateDrawable Drawable that automatically rotates underlying drawable. 
DrawableProperties Set of properties for drawable. 
DrawableUtils Helper class containing functionality commonly used by drawables. 
FadeDrawable A drawable that fades to the specific layer. 
ForwardingDrawable A forwarding drawable class - the goal is to forward (delegate) drawable functionality to an inner drawable instance. 
InstrumentedDrawable Used to log image params at draw-time. 
MatrixDrawable Drawable that can adjust underlying drawable based on specified Matrix. 
OrientedDrawable Drawable that automatically rotates the underlying drawable with a pivot in the center of the drawable bounds based on a rotation angle. 
ProgressBarDrawable Drawable that displays a progress bar based on the level. 
RoundedCornersDrawable Drawable that draws underlying drawable with rounded corners. 
ScaleTypeDrawable Drawable that can scale underlying drawable based on specified ScalingUtils.ScaleType options. 
ScalingUtils Performs scale type calculations. 
ScalingUtils.AbstractScaleType A convenience base class that has some common logic. 
ScalingUtils.InterpolatingScaleType Scale type that interpolates transform of the two underlying scale types.