Abstraction we use in order to allocate memory for bitmaps in different OS versions. It also contains implementation of the Releaser which is responsible to close the specific CloseableReference when not used anymore.


ArtBitmapFactory Bitmap factory for ART VM (Lollipop and up). 
EmptyJpegGenerator Producer that emits a dummy, fixed-size JPEG bytearray. 
GingerbreadBitmapFactory Bitmap factory for Gingerbread. 
HoneycombBitmapCreator This is the implementation of the BitmapCreator for the Honeycomb  
HoneycombBitmapFactory Factory implementation for Honeycomb through Kitkat  
PlatformBitmapFactory Bitmap factory optimized for the platform. 
SimpleBitmapReleaser A releaser that just recycles (frees) bitmap memory immediately.