Classes Drawee uses for the customization and interaction with Views


AspectRatioMeasure A utility class that performs measuring based on the desired aspect ratio. 
AspectRatioMeasure.Spec Holder for width and height measure specs. 
DraweeHolder<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> A holder class for Drawee controller and hierarchy. 
DraweeTransition This Transition animates changes of GenericDraweeView between two ScaleTypes

In combination with ChangeBounds, DraweeTransition allows GenericDraweeViews that change size, shape, or ScalingUtils.ScaleType to animate contents smoothly. 

DraweeView<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> View that displays a DraweeHierarchy
GenericDraweeView DraweeView that uses GenericDraweeHierarchy. 
MultiDraweeHolder<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> Contains multiple Drawee holders. 
SimpleDraweeView This view takes a uri as input and internally builds and sets a controller.