Pool implementations for ByteBuffers and related Input/OutputStream implementations.


ByteArrayPool A pool of byte-arrays  
MemoryTrimmable A class can implement this interface to react to a MemoryTrimmableRegistry's request to trim memory. 
MemoryTrimmableRegistry A class which keeps a list of other classes to be notified of system memory events. 
Pool<V> Manages a pool of reusable values of type V. 
PooledByteBuffer A 'pooled' byte-buffer abstraction. 
PooledByteBufferFactory A factory to create instances of PooledByteBuffer and PooledByteBufferOutputStream  


NoOpMemoryTrimmableRegistry Implementation of MemoryTrimmableRegistry that does not do anything. 
PooledByteArrayBufferedInputStream InputStream that wraps another input stream and buffers all reads. 
PooledByteBufferInputStream An InputStream implementation over a PooledByteBuffer instance  
PooledByteBufferOutputStream An OutputStream that produces a PooledByteBuffer. 
PooledByteStreams Helper class for interacting with java streams, similar to guava's ByteSteams. 


MemoryTrimType Types of memory trim. 


PooledByteBuffer.ClosedException Exception indicating that the PooledByteBuffer is closed