HandlerExecutorService An ExecutorService that is backed by a handler. 
SerialExecutorService The interface of the executors that execute tasks serially. 


CallerThreadExecutor An executor service that runs each task in the thread that invokes execute/submit
ConstrainedExecutorService A java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService that delegates to an existing Executor but constrains the number of concurrently executing tasks to a pre-configured value. 
DefaultSerialExecutorService Default implementation of SerialExecutorService that wraps an existing Executor. 
HandlerExecutorServiceImpl A HandlerExecutorService implementation. 
ScheduledFutureImpl<V> A ScheduledFuture for HandlerExecutorServiceImpl
StatefulRunnable<T> Abstraction for computation. 
UiThreadImmediateExecutorService An ExecutorService that is backed by the application's main looper.