public static final enum


extends Enum<E extends Enum<E>>
   ↳ java.lang.Enum<E extends java.lang.Enum<E>>
     ↳ com.facebook.imagepipeline.request.ImageRequest.RequestLevel

Class Overview

Level down to we are willing to go in order to find an image. E.g., we might only want to go down to bitmap memory cache, and not check the disk cache or do a full fetch.


Enum Values
ImageRequest.RequestLevel  BITMAP_MEMORY_CACHE   
ImageRequest.RequestLevel  DISK_CACHE   
ImageRequest.RequestLevel  ENCODED_MEMORY_CACHE   
ImageRequest.RequestLevel  FULL_FETCH   
Public Methods
static ImageRequest.RequestLevel getMax(ImageRequest.RequestLevel requestLevel1, ImageRequest.RequestLevel requestLevel2)
int getValue()
static ImageRequest.RequestLevel valueOf(String name)
final static RequestLevel[] values()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Enum
From class java.lang.Object
From interface java.lang.Comparable

Enum Values

public static final ImageRequest.RequestLevel BITMAP_MEMORY_CACHE

public static final ImageRequest.RequestLevel DISK_CACHE

public static final ImageRequest.RequestLevel ENCODED_MEMORY_CACHE

public static final ImageRequest.RequestLevel FULL_FETCH

Public Methods

public static ImageRequest.RequestLevel getMax (ImageRequest.RequestLevel requestLevel1, ImageRequest.RequestLevel requestLevel2)

public int getValue ()

public static ImageRequest.RequestLevel valueOf (String name)

public static final RequestLevel[] values ()