Pool implementations for the image pipeline. Here we have the implementations which use the native memory code about MemChunk.


PoolStatsTracker Listener that logs pool statistics. 


BasePool<V> A base pool class that manages a pool of values (of type V). 
BitmapCounter Counts bitmaps - keeps track of both, count and total size in bytes. 
BitmapPool Manages a pool of bitmaps. 
DefaultBitmapPoolParams Provides pool parameters for BitmapPool  
DefaultByteArrayPoolParams Provides pool parameters (PoolParams) for common ByteArrayPool  
DefaultFlexByteArrayPoolParams Provides pool parameters (PoolParams) for SharedByteArray  
DefaultNativeMemoryChunkPoolParams Provides pool parameters (PoolParams) for NativeMemoryChunkPool  
FlexByteArrayPool A special byte-array pool designed to minimize allocations. 
GenericByteArrayPool A pool of byte arrays. 
NativeMemoryChunk Wrapper around chunk of native memory. 
NativeMemoryChunkPool Manages a pool of native memory chunks (NativeMemoryChunk)  
NativePooledByteBuffer An implementation of PooledByteBuffer that uses native memory (NativeMemoryChunk) to store data  
NativePooledByteBufferFactory A factory to provide instances of NativePooledByteBuffer and NativePooledByteBufferOutputStream  
NativePooledByteBufferOutputStream An implementation of PooledByteBufferOutputStream that produces a NativePooledByteBuffer  
NoOpPoolStatsTracker Empty implementation of PoolStatsTracker that does not perform any tracking. 
PoolConfig Configuration class for pools. 
PoolFactory Factory class for pools. 
PoolParams Config parameters for pools (BasePool
SharedByteArray Maintains a shareable reference to a byte array. 


BasePool.InvalidSizeException An exception to indicate that the requested size was invalid  
BasePool.InvalidValueException An exception to indicate if the 'value' is invalid. 
BasePool.PoolSizeViolationException Indicates that the pool size will exceed the hard cap if we allocated a value of size 'allocSize'  
BasePool.SizeTooLargeException A specific case of InvalidSizeException used to indicate that the requested size was too large  
NativePooledByteBufferOutputStream.InvalidStreamException An exception indicating that this stream is no longer valid